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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!


2017 Nurses of Excellence Standard

Every nurse cares for thousands of patients in his or her career. That’s a lot of hands to hold, temperatures to take, and stories to gracefully enter—and exit. Our sponsors are pleased to introduce you to five of our area’s medical superstars; help us celebrate both their skill and their grace. 2017 Nurses of Excellence   Everyone agrees that nurses can change your life—whether your life is in their hands, or your loved one’s is. This year’s nominations for Nurses of Excellence introduced us to nurses “on the floor” and throughout administration. The nurses who touched people’s hearts care for… Read More >>

Annelise & Benjamin Deyo: Amazing Kids Standard

Annelise & Benjamin Deyo Annelise Deyo loves bringing joy to people’s lives and a sense of wonder to the community; and with her talent as a magician, she gets to do both regularly. It all started when she was seven years old. Annelise got a magic set for her birthday and began performing shows at home. After putting on shows for family near and far, and doing magic for nursing home residents, Annelise got her first “big break” at the Central States Fair in Rapid City. Now, at 11 years old, she continues to practice magic with big hopes of… Read More >>

Meredith: Amazing Kid Standard

Meredith Lehman Meredith Lehmann loves sports, but when it comes to gymnastics, her naturally ability and fear-free attitude shines. At seven years old, Meredith loves the sport’s variety. From practice to practice, she gets to do “fun stuff, like the bars, beam, vault,” and of course floor—her favorite part of gymnastics. “Meredith is an adventurous and determined child,” said her mom, Erin. “She never gives up, and if something is hard for her, she practices until she masters it.” This girl loves to show everyone what she is learning, and so her family is used to her working on her… Read More >>

David: Amazing Kid Standard

David Duchesneau How many US capitals can grown-ups name when the states are given to them? Six-year-old David Duchesneau—a kindergartner at Canyon Lake Elementary School in Rapid City—blows us adults away. “We discovered his interest in learning when we first introduced him to an iPad with Internet restrictions,” explains his mother, Hang. “We set it up to watch learning channels and videos, and before we knew it, David was retaining far more information than we were!” Along with state capitals, he can also tell you all the planets in the solar system—along with what they’re made of, and their moons…. Read More >>

Gardening with Kids Standard

Gardening With Kids: Growing Memories I’ll never forget the first time I picked a beautiful, ripe, red tomato that I helped to grow. I had watered and weeded the plant with love; I was so proud of that tomato. Because I wasn’t interested in gardening when I was a kid, this memorable gardening experience happened the summer I turned 40! Now I get my own kids digging in the dirt. I’m already learning that gardening alongside your kids provides valuable opportunities for them to learn, to get some exercise and fresh air, and to spend some time connecting with you. Check… Read More >>