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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!


Blurry Vision Standard

According to the experts, a child with undetected vision problems may begin to display an inability to pay attention in class or follow written instructions. They can begin to miss words that they know or avoid near viewing work altogether. Given the similarities to learning disabilities, it is important for children to receive an eye exam to rule out a vision problem.   Experts suggest that further warning signs of a vision problem include: Squinting Closing or covering one eye Constantly holds materials close to the face Tilting head to one side Rubbing eyes repeatedly One or both eyes turn… Read More >>

Family Spotlight: Meet the McNabbs Standard

Perhaps it was his childhood memories of family drives throughout the changing seasons and Christmas tree hunting in the Black Hills forests that led Gregg McNabb and his wife, Jena, to choose this area for raising children of their own. “It’s safe here,” Gregg explains, “and at the same time, Rapid City also gives you that ‘big city’ convenience.” Gregg and Jena were both raised in the Black Hills of western South Dakota—their family’s history begins with the two of them as high school sweethearts.   Years later, Gregg and Jena have three confident and gracious children of infinitely colorful… Read More >>

In Life’s Margins: Teachable Moments Standard

They are everywhere—moments that give you an opportunity to help your children learn an important truth. These moments can happen every day in the context of something you want your kids to learn. It’s the conversation starter. Here is an example.   A mom and her two kids find a wallet in the grocery store parking lot. The wallet had money in it but no identification. The mother takes it to the customer service counter and tells the clerk, “in case someone comes looking for their wallet, here it is.”    Her children witness the event, she could have just… Read More >>

Selecting Child Care: Top 10 Considerations to Guide You Standard

Parenthood is a rewarding and amazing job, one that comes with a lot of responsibility. Choosing the people that care for and guide your child when you cannot be there is an important decision. This Top 10 provides information ranging from the most obvious questions to the more complex concerns about child care.   10. Basics To Get Started. With a phone call or by searching websites you can have basic questions answered to find the staff and facility that best meets your family’s needs. Are there openings for your age child? What are the hours of operation? What is… Read More >>

Encouraging Words Standard

Some days it can seem as if all you have said is “No, don’t do that!” and “Get out of there!” Begin to encourage the good efforts your child is making and you may begin to see a difference in their behavior. Renowned psychiatrist Rudolf Dreikurs claimed, “The most important skill for raising a child in a democracy is the ability to encourage that child.” Dreikurs considered encouragement to be the single most important quality in getting along with others—so important that the lack of it could be considered the basic influence for misbehavior. Encouragement is positive feedback that focuses… Read More >>