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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!

Fun Times

Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial Standard

Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial On June 3 and 4, hikers took the opportunity to see Crazy Horse’s head up close up during the 10K walk.   Over 9,000 hikers took on the 6.2 mile hike starting near the visitor center going through a forest area and up to the top of Crazy Horse’s extended arm. Not only were seasoned athletes hitting the trail, but also regular parents and their kids – everywhere from babies to teenagers. Parents carried babies in special backpacks that doubled as baby carriers. One family even had their baby in a stroller. Toddlers meandered beside… Read More >>

Cloud News: Look Up! Standard

Look Up! Who among us, here in South Dakota, has heard of the Cloud Appreciation Society? If you haven’t, then you might want to join. Nana believes that, like her, every dedicated outside-goer probably has a “thing” for clouds—and they’re not alone. The Society has links to resources about clouds, a lovely photo gallery to use to compare the clouds you’re seeing, and even “cloud news.” For example, from the website, we learned that the World Meterological Organization (WMO) recently released a new reference for identifying types of clouds. Called the International Cloud Atlas, the digital resource contains hundreds of… Read More >>

Black Hills Bike Rodeo Experience Standard

It’s true that any deviation from a normal routine can be exciting and fun for children—but it’s equally as true for adults. The crew from Black Hills Parent saddled up and escorted the children of Creative Director John Edwards to school. It was a blast for everyone. Some of us met at John’s house in the morning and were privy to the planning stages—helmets strapped on, musical instruments and lunches placed in the car, a scraped toe analyzed—and we were off. The kids led the way down the coasting hill, and then we met the rest of our group and… Read More >>

5 Reasons for Summer Camp Standard

Camp: It’s All Here Five reasons great parents send their kids to camp Unless they are chaperoning, many parents won’t allow their child to go on a school field trip or school outdoor education trip—so it’s no surprise that those same parents may find the idea of sending their child to sleep-away camp incomprehensible. Parents who do send their kids to camp might get a shocked response from one of these “non-camp” parents. Common questions might include, “How can you stand having your child away from you for so long?” or, “How will she survive without you?” or,  “Isn’t he too… Read More >>

Gardening with Kids Standard

Gardening With Kids: Growing Memories I’ll never forget the first time I picked a beautiful, ripe, red tomato that I helped to grow. I had watered and weeded the plant with love; I was so proud of that tomato. Because I wasn’t interested in gardening when I was a kid, this memorable gardening experience happened the summer I turned 40! Now I get my own kids digging in the dirt. I’m already learning that gardening alongside your kids provides valuable opportunities for them to learn, to get some exercise and fresh air, and to spend some time connecting with you. Check… Read More >>