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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!

Raising a “Can-Do” Kid Standard

Raising a “Can-Do” Kid Therapists Wendy and Craig Mullins—of LMB, Live. Move. Be.—tell us that by adjusting our expectations to meet our kids where they naturally are, we maximize their potential for success.   If you’re a parent of a school-aged child, chances are you have been impacted one way or another by parenting standards à la Pinterest. Do you measure your abilities against images of ultra-fancy, impossible tree houses or Martha Stewart-caliber cupcakes?   You should have seen the look of sheer disappointment on our daughter’s face when presented with a homemade pink lemonade Elsa and Anna cake for… Read More >>

Dispensing Happiness Standard

Dispensing Happiness Pediatrician Martin Spahn, MD, loves his job. “Our patients are kids. They are honest, straightforward, and they’re intrinsically willing to be happy. Many times during my day, my patients are giggling. It doesn’t get better than that.”   Thirty years ago, in a land far, far away, physician-in-training Martin Spahn conducted an informal review of his colleagues. His query: “Who are the happiest doctors?” “I believe that our jobs influence us, even morph us into who we become,” he says today. “When choosing a specialty, I remember thinking that there must be some logic in looking at people… Read More >>

Cover Family Summer 2017: Behind the Scenes Standard

Behind the Scenes: Cover Family Summer 2017 Setting up the photo shoot for the Neiman family caused our intrepid photographer, Jesse, to build and tear down tents twice—to suit the park ranger who stopped by. He also hauled wood and chopped away branches to make an easier traverse on the log across the creek. It was a very windy day, and so it took all of us to batten down the hatches. We used the family’s real tents and supplies—their actual coffee pots, coffee, hot chocolate, and of course their fresh-made pastries. The kids had a blast, and Jesse just… Read More >>

How To: Fairy Gardens Standard

Gardening with Magic Miniature gardens are so much more fun when fairies are involved—and these enchanting locations aren’t that difficult to start, even for a young child. First you will need to decide where the fairies are going to live, whether it be in a pot, a trough, or an old fountain. Then, choose an array of flowers like English Bluebells, African Violets, or chives—some varieties are even specifically labeled “miniature.” You can also add path of rocks, a pond made of a tiny dish, or even a twig fence. Water the plants, add your fairies—or farm animals or anyone… Read More >>

Standing Up for Dyslexia Standard

Standing Up for Dyslexia When Avery Boechler thought about the other kids who struggle to read, he got out of his comfort zone and testified in support of a legislative bill intended to change educational standards. “I did it to help everyone else out,” he says.   It made no sense. Avery Boechler was involved in student ambassadors, music, and his church. He ran track, played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer; he enjoyed rock climbing and slacklining. He succeeded at everything he did—with straight A’s to prove it—except when it came to reading and writing. His mom, Tara, had definitely… Read More >>