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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!

5 Reasons for Summer Camp Standard

Camp: It’s All Here Five reasons great parents send their kids to camp Unless they are chaperoning, many parents won’t allow their child to go on a school field trip or school outdoor education trip—so it’s no surprise that those same parents may find the idea of sending their child to sleep-away camp incomprehensible. Parents who do send their kids to camp might get a shocked response from one of these “non-camp” parents. Common questions might include, “How can you stand having your child away from you for so long?” or, “How will she survive without you?” or,  “Isn’t he too… Read More >>

Standing Up for Dyslexia Standard

Standing Up for Dyslexia When Avery Boechler thought about the other kids who struggle to read, he got out of his comfort zone and testified in support of a legislative bill intended to change educational standards. “I did it to help everyone else out,” he says.   It made no sense. Avery Boechler was involved in student ambassadors, music, and his church. He ran track, played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer; he enjoyed rock climbing and slacklining. He succeeded at everything he did—with straight A’s to prove it—except when it came to reading and writing. His mom, Tara, had definitely… Read More >>

Those Kids Said WHAT?! Standard

Those Kids Said WHAT?! 28 Hilarious Real-Life Teacher Stories American educators sent in their funniest classroom stories by the thousands. Read the $1,000 prize winner and more of our favorites. BY READER’S DIGEST EDITORS “Funny Teacher Stories” by Reader’s Digest Editors, originally published in Reader’s Digest. Copyright © 2015 by Trusted Media Brands, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.   “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” A lot of teachers can relate to Kurt Vonnegut’s quote. From kindergarten 
to senior year, they’ve seen it all. So… Read More >>

Falling for Food Standard

Falling for Food 12-year-old Colton Seamands has found a love of cooking and encourages others to find their passions, too. After discovering his interest for cooking at seven years old, Colton Seamands, the youngest of five siblings, could be found in the kitchen with his mom, Mary Beth. By age eight, Colton had made his very first dish by himself—using an apple pie recipe passed down Mary Beth’s family since the 1930s. “It was absolutely beautiful,” reminisces Mary Beth. “And, honestly, I think it tasted better than my apple pie!” Now, as a sixth grader at Spearfish Middle School, Colton… Read More >>

Taming Screen Time Standard

Tips to Tame the Screen-Time Temptress We celebrate the convenience and entertainment of the many electronic gadgets in my home. However, with all of these tempting gadgets, it can be easy for parents to lose track of their children’s daily log of screen time. In some homes— certainly in mine—children try to stretch the daily limit, because their phones, shows, games, and apps are fun. And they’re everywhere. So why would you want to limit screen time? According to the Mayo Clinic, too much screen time can lead to problems, including obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, impaired academic performance, and… Read More >>