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At First Sight Articles,Baby,Health

At First Sight Testing infants’ eyesight—long before they can speak about what they see—can prevent life-long vision problems. Dr. Sarah Kuipers, an optometrist at Independent Optical in Rapid City, is one of several Black Hills-area specialists who participate in a national program called InfantSEE®. The program provides a one-time, no-cost eye and vision assessment for babies six to 12 months old. There are no qualifying requirements, and participating doctors are not compensated in any way; they agree to be part of the program because they understand the value of early diagnosis and treatment of problems related to vision and the… Read More >>

Battling the Baby Blues Articles,Baby,Family Features,Featured Articles,Health,Life,Motherhood

You’ve just had a baby, but instead of celebrating, you feel like crying. You may not have been expecting it, but mild depression and mood swings are common in new mothers–so common, in fact, that it has its own name: the baby blues.   Nearly 80 percent of new mothers experience a few of the baby blues symptoms, including: moodiness, sadness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and concentration problems. These indications typically show up within a few days of giving birth and last from several days to a couple of weeks. “If they do not go away or become more intense, this… Read More >>

What You Wish You Knew Baby,Motherhood,Parenting Advice

If you have kids, then you know the baby books don’t prepare you for everything. What do you know now that you wish you’d known before? Share your best advice and stories in the comments section below. Whether it’s how to function when sleep deprived, how to clip those teeny nails, or how you established a sleep and feeding schedule, we can all learn from each other.   Read More >>