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Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial Articles,Fun Times

Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial On June 3 and 4, hikers took the opportunity to see Crazy Horse’s head up close up during the 10K walk.   Over 9,000 hikers took on the 6.2 mile hike starting near the visitor center going through a forest area and up to the top of Crazy Horse’s extended arm. Not only were seasoned athletes hitting the trail, but also regular parents and their kids – everywhere from babies to teenagers. Parents carried babies in special backpacks that doubled as baby carriers. One family even had their baby in a stroller. Toddlers meandered beside… Read More >>

Tips for Teeth Safety and Health Articles,Health

  Help them drink enough water! By giving your child water, you can help them repel the cavities that sugar-laden drinks such as juice and soda can foster.   Feed them healthy, summer snacks such as cheese sticks, veggie sticks, fresh fruit and trail mix with nuts and dried fruits. It will give them the energy they need and keep their teeth safe at the same time.   Get a protective mouth guard for your child if they are active in sports.   In an emergency, seek care immediately. If your child breaks a tooth or has pain in their… Read More >>