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Try This: Colorful Feeders Fun Times,Memories & Milestones

Nesting with Color Spring is the time for new life—which is especially visible as birds begin to sing and dance throughout our yards. Try something colorful this spring, and make a “string feeder.” Fill a traditional wire bird feeder, or a decorative twig ball, with short pieces of colorful yarn. Birds will use the string when they build their nests, and you can watch for your bright pieces to show up around the neighborhood! Read More >>

How To: Fairy Gardens Articles,Fun Times,Home,Memories & Milestones

Gardening with Magic Miniature gardens are so much more fun when fairies are involved—and these enchanting locations aren’t that difficult to start, even for a young child. First you will need to decide where the fairies are going to live, whether it be in a pot, a trough, or an old fountain. Then, choose an array of flowers like English Bluebells, African Violets, or chives—some varieties are even specifically labeled “miniature.” You can also add path of rocks, a pond made of a tiny dish, or even a twig fence. Water the plants, add your fairies—or farm animals or anyone… Read More >>

How To: Homemade Playdough Articles,Child,Fun Times,Memories & Milestones

Nana’s All-Around Go-To Activity “Homemade playdough is great for young children between the ages of one to 10—and I’ve seen it be a great therapeutic stress reliever for adults, too!” Nana says. “We’ve turned it into ‘food’ of any kind—my son used to make ‘pancakes’ for his baby sister—or it can be a farm for animals to play on, or a cliff to dig dinosaurs from. All pretend, of course.”  — — — 2c white flour   1c table salt   4t cream of tartar   Mix together   2c water   3T baby oil   Mix together and bring… Read More >>

Weekend Warriors Articles,Home

7 Painting Projects for Weekend Warriors Easy projects to tackle with just one can of paint   Homeowners are often advised to keep the home neutral and avoid decorating with anything too bold or personal when you are going to sell. But in order to make a house your home, the decor should reflect your personality and style. The good news is you don’t have to make permanent commitments. Paint is an easy and cost-effective way to infuse color and patterns that transform the aesthetic of a room or piece of furniture. Regardless of whether you’re a masterful weekend warrior… Read More >>

Think Beyond Your Walls Articles,Fun Times,Savings

Think beyond your walls, and use chalk paint on paper to create trendy chalkboard stationery, on fabric for a chalkboard table runner, or on cork to create customized coasters for any occasion. Tabletop Canvas Add colored chalk paint to your worn-out dinner table and use the space to create personalized place settings for your guests. Or, create a tabletop canvas to share encouraging words at breakfast, announce good news to the whole family, or count down the days until your next vacation. Create Stationery Using chalkboard paint has recently become a big trend in home decorating, from wall hangings that… Read More >>