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Full STEAM Ahead Articles,Education

Full “STEAM” Ahead Helping Kids to Succeed at School For years, education experts and legislators have tussled with defining best practices for teaching our students. Still, we’re left with this foundational question: “What does my child need to know to succeed?” With the newest education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we’re closer to an answer. You might have heard of STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—which in recent years has formed the basis of standardized testing. Our country’s focus on STEM originated from a sense of “competition” with students in other countries who were excelling in these areas. The… Read More >>

Standing Up for Dyslexia Articles,Child,Community,Education,Featured Articles,Pre-Teen,Real Black Hills Families

Standing Up for Dyslexia When Avery Boechler thought about the other kids who struggle to read, he got out of his comfort zone and testified in support of a legislative bill intended to change educational standards. “I did it to help everyone else out,” he says.   It made no sense. Avery Boechler was involved in student ambassadors, music, and his church. He ran track, played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer; he enjoyed rock climbing and slacklining. He succeeded at everything he did—with straight A’s to prove it—except when it came to reading and writing. His mom, Tara, had definitely… Read More >>

2017 Teachers of Excellence Articles,Education,Family Features,Featured Articles

2017 Teachers of Excellence Black Hills Parent and Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac “give an apple” to five teachers in the Black Hills for inspiring their students and going above and beyond in their classrooms. Every day, teachers in schools large and small wake up, go to work, and influence the lives of our children in tremendous ways. Their knowledge, patience, and caring are what often set the course of these student’s future careers and life paths. Here are five amazing educators that go above and beyond to make an impact on countless numbers of lives – students, coworkers, and parents alike.   Cynthia… Read More >>

Those Kids Said WHAT?! Archives,Child,Education,Pre-Teen,Teen

Those Kids Said WHAT?! 28 Hilarious Real-Life Teacher Stories American educators sent in their funniest classroom stories by the thousands. Read the $1,000 prize winner and more of our favorites. BY READER’S DIGEST EDITORS “Funny Teacher Stories” by Reader’s Digest Editors, originally published in Reader’s Digest. Copyright © 2015 by Trusted Media Brands, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.   “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” A lot of teachers can relate to Kurt Vonnegut’s quote. From kindergarten 
to senior year, they’ve seen it all. So… Read More >>

Team Parenting 101 Articles,Education,Family Features,Featured Articles,Real Black Hills Families

Team Parenting 101 Can a “Real Man” stay at home? Can he successfully take over homeschooling the family’s kids and still keep his Dad-ness? Inspired by Clark Kent’s big secret, Todd White shows his true colors. Chapter One:  Boy Meets Girl In high school, Frannie Wagner was obsessed with Superman. Posters and pillows brightened her room, and she even wore a cape on Halloween, dressed as “SuperFran.” Her English essays featured her in the starring role, as Lois Lane. Teachers noticed her natural expression and self-possession, and encouraged her to make radio shows for English class. While still in high school,… Read More >>