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Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial Articles,Fun Times

Families Climb Crazy Horse Memorial On June 3 and 4, hikers took the opportunity to see Crazy Horse’s head up close up during the 10K walk.   Over 9,000 hikers took on the 6.2 mile hike starting near the visitor center going through a forest area and up to the top of Crazy Horse’s extended arm. Not only were seasoned athletes hitting the trail, but also regular parents and their kids – everywhere from babies to teenagers. Parents carried babies in special backpacks that doubled as baby carriers. One family even had their baby in a stroller. Toddlers meandered beside… Read More >>

Never Fear – Resources Are Here Articles

Tips from an Outdoor Dad: Chad Tussing “Your kids are going to ask questions,” said Chad, “and it’s ok to not know the answer. Take a picture of the feather or track you have questions on and look it up when you get home – learn about your finds together.” Every outdoor family needs to start somewhere. And although it may seem daunting, there are many resources to help you along the way.   Take a class The Outdoor Campus West holds numerous hands-on classes ranging from hunting and fishing to skills and knowledge. This past year, over 24 thousand… Read More >>

A Dad’s Life Articles,Family Features,Life

Chad Tussing (too-sing), Director of Outdoor Campus West in Rapid City, is an outdoor dad who grew up exploring all nature had to offer in his hometown near the Ohio River. “Many times, I would get home from school when I was growing up, let the dog out and we would just explore,” said Chad. “It was about what we could find: tracks, birds, squirrels, etc. Then, I’d come home and it was dinner time.” From overturning rocks in the creek on outings with his dad to seeing animals on his after-school adventures – the love of being outside has… Read More >>

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A hike up M Hill I have a beautiful painting of plumeria flowers I picked up while “baby-mooning” (taking one last vacation before the arrival of a baby) in Hawaii. When I got home, I hung it in a prominent place in the living room. The first week or two, I would stop and admire. However, as time went by, the painting started to fade away from my notice until I hardly “saw” it at all. This phenomena of something “disappearing” before the eyes, was illustrated again to me when I encountered a man and his daughter on the top… Read More >>

Great Hikes with Tikes Articles,Child,Fun Times

Hiking is a great way to build family values and provides parents an opportunity to teach important lessons about respect, nature, responsibility and life through exploration. Get the whole family exercising with an outdoor adventure. Even if you feel that you are not in shape, these nature walks are the perfect place to start building your stamina and your children’s, too. These Black Hills trails are short, family-friendly hikes that are consistently flat with easy to navigate paths. With the added bonus of gorgeous scenery and plenty to look at, you’re going to have a great time.   Presidential Trail at Mount… Read More >>