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When Drama Goes Too Far Articles,Child,Parenting Advice

When Drama Goes Too Far Any child might react “dramatically” to life changes or circumstances—and a natural “drama queen” might really turn up the volume in these cases. For example, a family move, unpredictable or inconsistent boundaries, or a major upheaval in the family environment can trigger overly-dramatic behavior or extreme reactions. “Some children find that they are unable to cope effectively with the stressors and they react…with volatile behavior, screaming, (and) crying uncontrollably to get what they want,” Bahar says. The label “drama queen” is laced with negative connotation, but Bahar considers a child with these tendencies simply “as… Read More >>

Support Your Spirited Child Articles,Child,Parenting Advice

Support Your Spirited Child Worried that your child’s Academy Award®-worthy outbursts might earn her the tiara for neighborhood drama queen? Both boys and girls go through phases where they struggle with controlling their emotions. Mindful parenting techniques can help kids learn their boundaries without repressing feisty personalities. In her book Raising Your Spirited Child, author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka says intensity “is the invisible punch that makes every response of the spirited child immediate and strong. Managed well, intensity allows spirited children a depth and delight of emotion rarely experienced by others.” Here are some approaches that might help. ..Find happy… Read More >>

Taming Screen Time Articles,Parenting Advice,Pre-Teen,Teen

Tips to Tame the Screen-Time Temptress We celebrate the convenience and entertainment of the many electronic gadgets in my home. However, with all of these tempting gadgets, it can be easy for parents to lose track of their children’s daily log of screen time. In some homes— certainly in mine—children try to stretch the daily limit, because their phones, shows, games, and apps are fun. And they’re everywhere. So why would you want to limit screen time? According to the Mayo Clinic, too much screen time can lead to problems, including obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, impaired academic performance, and… Read More >>

Back Me Up Here Articles,Featured Articles,Life,Parenting Advice,Pre-Teen,Teen

Back Me Up Here Helping Kids Resist Peer Pressure Every t(w)een encounters peer pressure at some point in time, but in an age where social media and texting provide constant connectedness with their friends, the challenge is amplified. How can you make sure the desire to fit in doesn’t cause your child to engage in risky behavior? How can you enable them to make good choices? First, remember you still have influence in your adolescent’s life – as much as they lead you to believe otherwise. Studies have found authoritative parenting, in which parents provide warm nurturing alongside clear boundaries… Read More >>

Home Alone Articles,Child,Featured Articles,Life,Parenting Advice,Pre-Teen

Home Alone A Parent’s Guide without the Parents You can never be too cautious when it comes to your child’s well being. The thought of leaving them home alone may raise concerns and leave you questioning their ability to be left unsupervised. Few states have age requirement laws for leaving kids by themselves unattended. Here are a few guidelines to take into consideration before leaving your child home alone. Is your child independent enough without you there? Are they able to find solutions for problems without you? Does your child generally make good decisions? Talk through some examples of problems that… Read More >>