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The Back-to-School Butterflies Articles,Child,Education,Life,Parenting Advice,Pre-Teen,Teen

The Back-to-School Butterflies 5 ways to help kids ease anxiety The back-to-school butterflies inevitably wing their way into my home every August. One moment my kids and I are celebrating our independence from schoolwork, and then suddenly we’re bombarded by back-to-school sales and schedules. My boys don’t get it. Didn’t we just get out of school, Mom? Now we have to go back? My thoughts exactly; but, I’ve been around the back-to-school block a few more times than my sons, so I understand that to everything there is a season – including summer break. That makes me (and you) uniquely… Read More >>

Kids are at Risk Articles,Parenting Advice,Retail

Kids are at Risk the Buzz Online Children face a variety of challenges that were unknown only a few decades ago, such as: cyber bullying, online predators and scams and being exposed to inappropriate content. Jim Kilian, Director of Information Security at Midco, said parents need to be mindful of what their children are doing online, but should also take advantage of technological solutions available to reduce the risks children face on the web. Firewalls, restricting Internet access, privacy settings on profiles and settings on search engines should all be managed by parents, Kilian said. But technology can’t do everything,… Read More >>

More Than Baby Talk Articles,Baby,Child,Education

More Than Baby Talk How you can promote the communication skills of infants and toddlers The number of things babies learn in their first years is amazing, especially learning to talk. Starting at birth, babies experience the sound of voices and, by age two, most can put words together to express their needs and ideas. The U.S. Department of Education provides a guide with stage-by-stage ideas on how to encourage the development of your baby’s ability to communicate.   From birth, your baby listens to your voice. He coos and gurgles and tries to make the same sounds you make…. Read More >>

10 Ways To Introduce the Subject Of Strangers Articles,Child,Parenting Advice

Many parents can relate to the overwhelming feeling of terror that begins to set in when they notice their child appears to have wandered off, or in some cases, has been taken. The world can be an uncertain place, and introducing the concept of stranger awareness to your child may help keep them out of harm’s way. Here are a few ways to introduce the discussion and begin talking about the subject with your child. 1. Define Stranger Have a conversation with your child to discover what the word stranger means to them. Then, correct any misconceptions and let them… Read More >>

5 Useful Tips to Reduce Waste Articles,Food

5 Useful Tips to Reduce Waste Clay Dykstra, general manager of the locally-owned Good Earth Natural Foods in Spearfish, is passionate about using food wisely and offered some tips and common sense guidelines to keep food out of the landfill. Cook your own meals, he said, experiment with food and have fun. “Effort in it means you’ll use the leftovers more wisely. Not only is it a time saver to eat leftovers, it’s also a money saver because you’re not cooking for just tonight, but tomorrow’s lunch.” Clay said much of the nation’s food waste is at the retail level,… Read More >>