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Tips for Raising Abundantly Kind Children Articles,Child,Featured Articles,Life,Parenting Advice

Tips for Raising Abundantly Kind Children (and why it matters) Kindness does not come naturally to my kids. Oh, there have been proud mama moments when my boys went out of their way to be kind and considerate; but they certainly weren’t born that way. My sons came out kicking and screaming and generally preoccupied with their own well-being. They had to be taught to show care and concern for others, and it didn’t end there. Knowledge doesn’t always equal kindness. My kids may know better than to be unkind, but they still push and claw each other out of… Read More >>

Encouraging a Creative Life Articles,Child,Fun Times,Life,Teen

Being creative is something that seems to come pretty naturally for most young children. They’ll build with blocks and imagine it to be a farm, an airport, or a secret spy world. They’ll draw a picture and though you may not recognize what it is—they see it perfectly. They’ll create a “fort” with every blanket and pillow in the house—never once considering the mess because they are in the zone and having fun. Sadly, as kids get older, the creativity fades. The focus shifts emphasizing conformity, following rules, and getting your work done; I’m certainly guilty of that mindset. And,… Read More >>

Sunny Day Pet Safety Articles,Health

Beat the Heat with Pet Safety Tips Sunny, warm days bring the welcomed opportunity to change up your routine and spend more time outdoors with your fur babies. However, soaring temperatures bring risks from heat and sun exposure, making your pets rely on you to help keep them healthy and safe. Make these warm-weather adjustments to keep your furry friends in top condition and ready to enjoy all the season has to offer with these safety tips from PetSmart experts:   Keep them hydrated. Dehydration and heatstroke can be fatal to pets, so access to a clean water bowl both… Read More >>

How To Prevent Food Waste Articles,Food,Savings

Food waste is a major issue that affects the environment, economy and food security. In fact, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy – the equivalent of about $1,500 wasted each year. As for the major causes of this food waste, the NRDC points to improper or suboptimal storage, poor visibility in refrigerators, partially used ingredients and misjudged food needs.   While the issue continues to grow, there are ways for everyone to address these causes and reverse the negative effects food waste has on the… Read More >>

A Little Feline Fun Articles,Fun Times

How to Make Playtime More Irresistible for Cats Playtime between cats and their owners provides the opportunity to bond in a fun and engaging way. Whether your cat is captivated by fun new toys or climbing and exploring the heights and corners of your home, spending quality time with your pet allows for the making of new memories. Encouraging active playtime will keep your cat healthy and fit, all in the name of a good time! Have a little feline fun! It’s important to keep your cat active by engaging them in playful activity a few times a day. Help… Read More >>