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We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence!

Remember YOU matter Standard

Remember YOU matter (It makes you a better parent.)   Being a parent is a job we willingly (sometimes more than others!) take on 24/7/365. The number of hours in any given week is fixed, but the schedule that fills those hours can change in an instant. In between the play dates, sports activities, birthday parties, and countless other items your child can be a part of—we as parents need to remember to carve out hours throughout the week to take care of ourselves, and our significant others. Remembering to take time to care for ourselves is crucial, and if… Read More >>

Why Water is Your Workout Buddy Standard

If you think drinking water during a workout is just about keeping your mouth from drying out as you pant your way through each set, think again. In addition to keeping you comfortable, staying hydrated is a necessary aspect of any healthy workout. Your body is composed of 60 percent water, but on average, you lose 2-5 percent of your body weight from water loss every time you work out. Once you get into your workout groove, you may find it hard to stop, even for a water break. What you may not realize is that water is an essential… Read More >>

There’s a Superhero in All of Us Standard

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a hero as: “a person who is admired for great or brave acts, or fine qualities.”   You don’t need to tell us that parenting requires bravery and fine qualities. But in case you need convincing, this issue includes superhero moms, dads, and kids who show us how they face each new day with a resolution. Even superheroes need ideas to keep it fresh. To enhance the superpowers of our heroes (that’s you, our readers) we included a list of spring storybooks, an extensive calendar of family events, and super art projects for inspiration. In… Read More >>

New City Playground Opens Standard

Go out and enjoy Rapid City’s newest community gathering area at the Legacy Commons Playground west of Memorial Park Promenade! The park includes five separate play areas with adjacent themed gardens: the climber area with art garden, an accessible inclusive play area with an elevated accessible garden, the natural climbing area with gardens, an age 2–5 play area with a children’s garden, and an active play area. There are over 70 images of plants, animals, and fossils hidden throughout the park—perfect for an exploration. No worries, there are benches to relax or fitness features to work out for parents. –… Read More >>

Clean Out Your Closet Standard

Traditionally, the time before the end of the year is a time of giving. Americans gave more than $335 billion to non-profit organizations in 2013 according to America’s largest independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator. Donating your noncash items can be just as valuable to organizations. Here’s how you can be charitable beyond your checkbook. Donate your stuff. Before tossing unused items into the trash, ask yourself if someone can benefit from them. There are many places that will accept noncash donations, be it clothing, electronics, children’s toys, etc. Larger items, such as home appliances, can be donated to the ReStore… Read More >>