Black Hills Cutie Boy Smiles

2015 Winter Black Hills Cuties


Let’s see those cuties! We’re getting ready for the winter issue of Black Hills Family and are looking for cute kids.

This contest is free to enter and will be open from Sept. 17 at 8 a.m. MST until Sept. 24 at midnight (11:59 p.m. MST). Vote DAILY for photos until Oct. 5 (noon) for a chance to win a prize valued over $20! Read the full Rules and Regulations here.

Here’s how to enter your Black Hills Cuties

  1. Take an awesome photo full of personality of your cutie(s).
  2. Fill out the form and submit your photo
  3. Share with family and friends – and vote DAILY!

Although likes and votes don’t decide which photos will be in the magazine – all photos will be featured online at and our Facebook page. Cuties with the most votes will have the opportunity to win a prize valued over $20. Read the full Rules and Regulations here.


Photo Tips:

  1. Take a recent photo of your cutie(s)!
  2. Crystal clear and not blurry at all.
  3. Have fun! Show some personality and those pearly whites. Cuties are cutest when they are having fun.


Frequently Asked Questions:

ENTRY – Black Hills Cuties
Q: How do I enter?
A: You can enter your child’s photo using the link on

Q: How often can I enter?
A: You can enter each eligible child (1 mo-12 years) once per entry period.

Q: Can I enter multiple children?
A: Yes, you can enter any of your eligible children who meet the age and other requirements in the official rules.

Q: I’m getting an error that says my email address already exists.
A: Please try another browser or try clearing your cache. If you’re still having issues, please send us an email including what browser you’re using and the email address you’re using for entry.

Q: I uploaded multiple photos on accident?
A: If they were the same photo, we will just invalidate the additional photo when we validate votes.

Q: I uploaded the wrong photo by accident OR I found a picture I like better, can you change the image for me?
A: Unfortunately we can’t alter entries after they’ve been submitted.


VOTING – Black Hills Cuties
Q: How can I vote?
A: To vote go to Black Hills Cuties Votes Click on the “thumbs up” button underneath the photo you want to vote for. You will be able to vote again after a 24-hour period.

Q: When will I see my cutie online?
A: Emails will be sent by midday 1-3 business days after your submission to the email address provided during the entry process. Make sure to check your spam folder.

Q: I should have already received a link, but I still can’t find my child’s photo.
A: Make sure to check your spam folder. You can also search for your photo using the link below.

Q: How many times can I vote?
A: You can vote once per photo per day (24-hour period).

Q: The number of Facebook likes on my photo is higher than someone ahead of me in the ranking, are you sure the ranking is correct?
A: We don’t share vote counts publicly. Likes on Facebook do show publicly, but they don’t contribute to votes.

For questions, please send us a message on Facebook or an email.