Legacy Photo + DesignNo matter how hard you wish you could freeze time, your children just keep on growing and changing. It’s time to schedule a session with a photographer and fill those frames with pictures of your little one. Here’s our best tips for ensuring your photo shoot runs smoothly.


Before the Appointment. Meet your photographer to discuss your ideas. Clue them in on the general temperament of your kids and how best to work with them so they can make the most of their shooting time.


Pack a Bag. Beside the obvious diaper bag, be prepared for a grumbling tummy with a stash of bite size snacks and a drink. If you know a favorite toy or blanket will be the ticket for getting that perfect smile make sure to bring it along.


Plan Your Timing. Plan around nap times to avoid a cranky or sleepy photo shoot unless that is the idea behind the images. Ask in advance for a time estimate so you are not in a rush.


Be Flexible. Kids will be kids, and if you go into your photo shoot with huge expectations for perfection, you might be disappointed. Go with the flow!


Roles and Rules. Try role-playing as the photographer and give your children some sample cues and moves. Review your rules and let them know that you are putting the photographer in charge of telling everyone what to do.