9 Mistakes to Avoid: Prepping for Baby

9. Getting too many gifts

Little onesies, bows, and books are great – yes! And so are gift certificates for experiences and cold hard cash to get you through all the expenses that have accrued and are yet to come.

8. Forgetting about the road ahead

You’ve snuggled that newborn like crazy for the past 8-12 weeks, and now… now you may be heading back to work and your little one has outgrown their clothes, diapers, and are teething. Prep for the next stages and ask for things your child will be able to grow into.


7. Not listing the little things

It’s true. Getting a thermometer, a nasal aspirator, and a humidifier are not the most glamorous gift to put on your registry, but they are the things you’ll most definitely need!


6. Being too frugal to ask for the big stuff

You know you need a crib, a mattress for that crib, a glider, a carseat, a travel crib… the list goes on. And oftentimes, these items are more expensive than the swaddle on your registry. Don’t be afraid to ask for the big stuff! A group of friends or family may want to go in on the item you need together.


5. Thinking only about Baby

Yes, this new bundle of joy is going to need lots of love. However, don’t forget to ask for things you and your partner will need, too!


4. Reusing the wrong things

Second-hand is great and the Black Hills has tons of options for low-cost, gently used items for your baby. However, be cautious when it comes to your baby’s health and safety. Car seats, breast pumps, cribs, pacifiers, nipples, and strollers should be purchased new.

(If you are purchasing used, be sure you know the history and expiration date of the item.)


3. Underestimating how long things will last

You’re going to go through a lot of diapers, wipes, creams and ointments – and then more diapers, and more wipes. Be sure to ask for different sizes and multiple boxes of each.


2. Not planning space and storage

You’re going to get a lot of love for your family’s new addition. Be sure you have the place to store your items. Ask for totes, baskets, and organizers to keep boxes out of your living room.


1. Returning items too quickly

Doubles are ok! Take that extra play mat to grandma’s house or daycare. Keep the extra nursing pillow for another room so you don’t have to transport it out of the nursery every time.



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