A Checklist for Pets

There’s a lot to learn when adding a pet to your family. Here are some do’s, don’t, and tips we’ve learned!

Can my dog eat that?


• Sweet Potatoes
• Pumpkin
• Eggs
• Bananas
• Blueberries
• Peanut Butter


• Nuts
• Onions
• Avocados
• Chocolate
• Grapes
• High-lactose

Did you know?

Certain essential oils can be harmful to pets. Always ask your veterinarian before using them around your animals. A few examples to keep both dogs and cats away from are ylang ylang and peppermint.

Toxic Plants for Pets

• Aloe Vera
• Baby’s Breath & Ivy
• Crassula Ovata
• Dieffenbachia
• Philodendron
• Pothos “Devil’s Ivy”
• Lilies
• Sago Palm
• ZZ Plant
• Corn Plant
• Caladium
• Asparagus Fern