Pug Presents

A Fur Baby for Christmas

After crunching the numbers and asking yourself countless “What ifs”, you’ve made the decision to give your children the pet they’ve been asking for during Christmas.

But before you plop that bow on your new kitten, think about the little fur baby you are handing over to your little one. Save yourself the tears and scratches from a nervous animal and try a placeholder gift!

Whether it is a stuffed animal, a dog bed, a cage, or a tank–let your child show their excitement over the idea rather the pet itself. After the holidays have calmed down, go to the pet store together as a family and choose which loveable companion you will bring home. You will love the stress it takes off of you and they will love the opportunity to pick out their favorite of the bunch.

Extend the holidays and make your gift last beyond the excitement of Christmas. Choose your family pet together.


A Fur Baby for Christmas

Written by Jenna Carda