Kitten Playing

A Little Feline Fun

How to Make Playtime More Irresistible for Cats

Playtime between cats and their owners provides the opportunity to bond in a fun and engaging way. Whether your cat is captivated by fun new toys or climbing and exploring the heights and corners of your home, spending quality time with your pet allows for the making of new memories. Encouraging active playtime will keep your cat healthy and fit, all in the name of a good time!

Have a little feline fun!

It’s important to keep your cat active by engaging them in playful activity a few times a day. Help your cat conquer playtime and stay active with these simple tips and toys. It’s as easy as play, pounce and purr!

girl kissing cat

  • Rotating Toys: Don’t let your cat get bored with the same old playthings. Swap a rotation of toys in and out of the mix to keep your cat alert and entertained.


  • Cat vs. Mouse: Bring the age-old rivalry of cat vs. mouse to life with the new Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy – which makes playtime irresistible with an interactive bottom-weighted, mouse-shaped wobble toy designed to dispense delicious treats as cats bat, bobble and play with it.


  • Fun at New Heights: Cats love climbing, pouncing and exploring. Place enticing cat toys on top of boxes, scratching posts and other feline-friendly surfaces to encourage curiosity during playtime.


  • Hide and Snack: Hide your treats amongst other toys and watch your cat purr with pleasure when it discovers the scrumptious smell of the treats within.


  • Meowing Mirror: Mount mirrors in play areas, which will not only amuse your cat, but also help him socialize!


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