Pumpkin Girl Tights

A Night of Terror

Halloween is a stressful time for parents of young kids, from the news warning about checking candy and children begging for a new and expensive costume. But Halloween is an important holiday for children and parents alike to make memories that will last a lifetime! Use these safety, costume, and decorating tips to ensure that the kiddos have the greatest Halloween ever, on a budget that doesn’t break the bank!

Parents should accompany younger children to trick or treat. Make sure they know your name, phone number, and address just in case you get separated! Consider writing it on their clothing or trick or treat basket.

Before trick or treating begins, remind your child of road safety. Go over safety tips like looking left, right, and left again before crossing the road. Make sure the child knows to wait for you at street corners. Incorporate reflective tape to their outfit, so they can easily be seen by passing cars.

Teach them Halloween rules like only going up to houses with the lights on.

Halloween costumes and accessories from a Halloween store can get expense. Save money and create treasured memories by making costumes from scratch. You don’t have to be a sewing wizard! Costumes like animals, ghost, or ballerina can easily be created from scratch or with minimal accessory purchases from a retail outlet.

For young children, avoid using masks in costumes. Masks limit their visibility and make it harder to be aware of their surroundings. Light colored costumes are safer, as they are more easily seen by motorists at night.

Have the best house on the block with homemade halloween decor! Bats can be made with thick black paper and tape. Ghosts can be made from sheets and wire. Mummies can be made with white streamers. Hop on Pinterest for some easy Halloween crafts and get your child to help with the Halloween festivities.

In the days after Halloween, decorations from the store will be heavily discounted. Hit the stores and stock up for next year!

After Halloween has past and trick or treating winds to an end, head back home and watch children’s scary movies until bedtime. This is a Halloween they will never forget!