A Picnic for the Family

Summertime brings out the sunshine and what better way to enjoy the season than a family picnic. Whether set in the park, out in the Black Hills National Forest, or simply in the backyard, make it a dining experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Everyone gets a say in the fun

As parents, it’s easy to take all the tasks for yourself. But, let the kids invest into the meal, too! They can help you plan the menu, make the decorations, help you pack, or even pick the spot where you will eat if you’re out and about.

Make it fresh

Yes, grabbing those pre-made snack packs and slapping a PB&J together can be easy, but so are these ideas from Kim and Brandon. (They’ll taste better, too!)

Tuna Salad: Fresh tuna sous vide in a plastic bag and boiled with salt, pepper and garlic. Mix the cooked meat with mayonnaise; add onions and sliced purple grapes. Top it with honey almonds and serve on its own or with a croissant.

Charcuterie Boards: Hummus, grapes, carrots, mild sausages, crackers, and various types of cheese. It’s beautiful and kids love them!

Meatballs: Pre-make your favorite meatball recipe and put them on a stick. They’re easy to eat and taste like you’ve had an entire burger.



Thank you to Willow General Store for inviting us to picnic in the beautiful backyard garden area in Piedmont, to Timeless Wedding & Event Rentals for making it a gorgeous setting, and to Victoria’s Garden adding the fresh bouquets for the Brave Heart family’s photo shoot.