All About Fluffy

Cat Grooming Tips

People think cats are self-grooming, but they can’t get their undercoat. Cat skin is very delicate, and once it starts to matte, it can start to hurt their skin and we have to shave them down.

It’s best to have a professional bathe your cat because they watch their mental status and know when they need to stop. Cats will stress down with subtle signs and when they’ve had enough – the “claws come out” and they will have an explosion.

If you are going to try and wash your cat at home, be careful and read your labels for shampoos. Cats have a different pH from dogs so the wrong shampoo can disturb their sensitive skin.

More tips and tricks for Fluffy:

  • Tea Tree oil is very dangerous to cats, same with flea and tick drops meant for dogs.
  • Watch for messes outside of their litter box. It’s a sign that something’s up – either physically or mentally. They might need a doctor’s visit, or they may just need some TLC.


Information provided by Jaimie Hobson, owner of D-Tails Pet Salon