Amazing Kids: Fall 2016


amazingkids_Bailey_Icon  Thanks to her perseverance and not giving up on her love of softball, Bailey has become a full-fledged windmill pitcher. Throughout the year, Bailey – with her parents’ support – has been working on running faster and harder, swinging through her batting and learning all she can through pitching camps. She practices every night with her dad and her hard work has paid off.

“It’s a joy to watch her,” said Bailey’s aunt Kim. “She’s a great pitcher and the girl you want on your team.”



amazingkids_Bryden_IconNot only does Bryden have a love for football – playing as a Bronco last year at SDSM&T – he has an amazing heart, as well. For Christmas, the only thing on Bryden’s wish list was simple: he wanted to clothe the homeless.

“We made that dream come true and Operation Extreme Christmas Dream came to life,” said his mom Tifani. Bryden raised almost $600 and had an entire truckload of donations, which he got to distributed to the homeless.


amazingkids_JadeJade is a Level 4 gymnast at Spearfish Gymnastics Academy and enjoys the challenge gymnastics brings on the vault, floor and especially beam and bars. But that’s not all that makes Jade an amazing kid. She excels in academics taking advanced courses through her school’s gifted and talented program. With a love of science, math and reading – Jade is always taking in new information.

“She loves to learn,” said Jade’s mom Lindsey. “I learn so much from her, myself. Recently I’ve been asking her what she’s afraid of, and she says ‘Nothing’.”



amazingkids_Talyn_IconTalyn is in Tae Kwon Do at Full Circle Martial Arts Academy and puts her heart and soul into practicing and being the best she can be. She has had four belt advancements in the one year she has been participating in martial arts.

“Her hard work and dedication amaze me everyday,” said Talyn’s mom Danielle, “and I am so proud of all of her hard work!”



amazingkids_Zane_IconZane is an inspiring kid in the Black Hills who is always ready and eager to learnnew things – with friends and family by his side along the way. He is seen as an inspiration to many and has a smile on his face all the time.

As a Special Olympics athlete in Rapid City, Zane competes each year at the events held in Spearfish.

This year, Zane has taken up dance at Barefoot Dance Studios and was able to perform on stage for his first recital. He has also accomplished swimming without a flotation device in the water and has begun to swim on his own.

“I love watching him grow and learn,” said Zane’s mom Kristine. “He’s an inspiration and I am always so proud of him and his accomplishments!”


We are searching for more amazing kids — those kids who love what they do, are succeeding by leaps and bounds and deserve to have their story shared.