Amazing Kids – Winter 2016

Amazing Kids in the Black Hills

Winter 2016




Zack is 11 years old and has been playing soccer with the Black Hills Rapids Rushmore Soccer since he was four. He recently passed his referee test and will be able to referee games for younger children. “Zack is a fun kid to watch play soccer and is very passionate about the game,” said his mom Sarah. “He always has a soccer ball with him and has said if he can’t be a professional soccer player he wants to be a coach.”



Karah is not only an accomplished violinist, playing since she was five years old as a student of Black Hills Suzuki School, but an amazing dancer as well. “I think one of her best superpowers is her ability to experiment and just be who she is in her dancing,” explains Academy of Dance Director Julie McFarland. Karah has been a part of countless productions, projects and performances, and is using her dance to make a difference in her community.

Photo by Kevin Eilbeck Photography

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“Caroline has always been a performer,” explains her mom Jill. “So, when the opportunity arose to audition for A Christmas Carol when she was six, she went for it and was cast as Tiny Tim.” Three years later, Caroline has been in countless productions with Black Hills Community Theater, Cherry Street Players and Seraphim Theater, as well as being accepted to perform at Broadway Dreams in Omaha, Nebraska.



Since she was three-years-old, Torah has been on skis. Now, at the age of six, she has been in three competitions and is a part of the Ski Team at Terry Peak in Lead. “She loves to ski and went up over 40 times this past winter,” said her mom Gina. “Torah is dedicated and determined to do her best no matter what the situation, and she loves skiing!”



When he was 13 years old, Zachary (17) went to Haiti for the first time. “I was worried all of the work would be too much for him,” said his mom Amanda, “but he would work all day in the clinic and then play soccer with the children from the village at night.”

This year, Zachary used the money he made at his job to pay for his own plane ticket and all of his expenses in Haiti. “A lot of people say that when your kids become teens, they will drive you crazy, but I don’t believe that,” said Amanda. “My son has taught me how to walk in the shoes of others and see them for who they are.”

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