Kelly Family

Behind the Scenes: the Kelly Family

Full of life and movement, the Kelly family photo shoot was nothing short of fun. Junie stole the show when she came outside wearing her authentic Chinese apparel, while Janelle, Jenna and Jocelyn captured our hearts with their furry friends. Junie, Jade and Joy showed us their room and were all giggles after jumping on the bed. Jonah and Jolise revved up and demonstrated their love of powersports once we were back outside, while Josh, Julia and Junie stood by the horses and watched. To wrap up the shoot, Josh, his wife Brooke and baby Kash posed for a final photo.

Janelle (20), Julia (17), Jocelyn (11), Jolise (13), Jonah (14), Juniper (4), Rhonda, Ryan, Joy (7), Josh (21), Jenna (12), Jade (10), Brooke (25), grandson Kashton (11 mos) and Jake (25) pose for their family photo.

Family Culture

After family photos were done at the fall issue feature shoot, Junie, Joy and Jade ran to their room to get changed. Next thing we knew, the girls came out with smiles and giggles, dressed in their Chinese clothing, which stole the camera’s attention and our team’s heart.

Each of the Kelly’s seven trips to China required a few shopping stops at some local traditional Chinese clothing shops.

“We wanted to make sure the girls grew up playing dress up with some clothes from their native culture,” Rhonda explained.

Each trip they would find unique Chinese silk dresses, blankets, umbrellas, headpieces, fans, jade jewelry, etc. Almost all of the items were purchased in Guangzhou, China – where each of the girls’ visas were issued and the Kellys spent the last week of their adoption trips. With the help of local shop owners, they were able to find the perfect outfit for their newest child or for the other kids back home.

“Often at our home, you can find a little Asian princess playing dress up wearing a fun silk dress from China along with a pair of cowgirl boots! I love that they’re of mix of both cultures and are proud to represent both,” Rhonda said.