Between the Seams: My Dad My Coach

mydadcoach_webDad’s focus was on teaching and fun, not world domination. Yeah, we wanted to win too, but my dad embraced softball as a way to spend
time with me, and in many ways he was a father figure to all the girls on the team. I liked hearing him respectfully being called “Coach.”


We always connected with softball and our wins and losses from the weekend would fill the conversations of the coming week. It’s been seven years since we played our last game, and I am blessed to have those memories with my dad.


I can remember seeing my dad giving me the sign from the coach’s box, telling me ‘you can do it.’ Looking back I realize that bunt, that moment, was his as much as mine. All of those times, even the dropped balls were ours. And if it took 20 extra tries to work on catching fly balls that was okay, he’d do it. And because he did that, I can coax myself to keep trying til I get it. Thanks, Dad.


This story comes from Kayla, now 25, and her dad, Rick DenHerder in 2005. He coached her teams for 13 years.