Bringing a Passion to Life

Morgen Messer was six years old when she started watching YouTube videos of child influencers reviewing new toys. After a while, she began to question if she could make some of the items herself.

Now, at 10 years old, Morgen has created an entire dollhouse haven for her four American Girl dolls Irene, Lexie, Grace, and Harper.

“I started watching these craft YouTube videos, and planned out what I wanted to make,” explained Morgen. “Then, I got my hot glue gun and started making stuff!”

The Messer’s house is the place to be when it comes to  doll sleepovers and play dates. Morgen’s six-room house covers one wall in her room – a simple house with blocks for rooms to fit her larger dolls, but Morgen has created it into something more.

Each compartment of the dollhouse is filled with unusual items Morgen has created decorations and furnishings to place into her dolls’ rooms. From cardboard boxes turned into couches and vanities to materials like foam and felt made into clothes and shoes – Morgen has collected a combination of instructed creations and things she has made up and crafted herself.

Jacey Messer, Morgen’s mom, is inspired not only by her creativity – but her mindset, too.

“We are a lot alike with a thing for crafting and DIY stuff,” said Jacey. “I like that she’s a collector, but it’s not about getting the next doll. She attaches to each doll and they come to life – they aren’t just consumable.”

Morgen is hoping her passion will also inspire other children her age.

“A lot of kids at my school don’t play with dolls,” said Morgen, “and what I’m hoping they will learn is that you don’t have to be afraid of what you like. Just because other people are saying
‘I don’t like dolls’ – you can stand up for what you like and be proud of it!”

One day, Morgen aspires to be like her role model YouTube influencer and go to school for photography. But for now, she is practicing on her own camera – taking photos of her creations and her continuously growing collection of dolls and accessories.


Words by Jenna Carda
Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson