Car Seat Safety: What to Know

Car Seat Safety: What to Know

According to, road-related injuries are the leading cause of preventable injury and death to children in the U.S. The good news is, a car seat (correctly installed) can reduce the risk of death by 71%.

Your child’s car seat is one of the most important pieces of gear for keeping them safe. So, is it as safe as it can be?

Before purchasing a car seat, you should be 110% certain it has not been in an accident, and that it meets current safety standards and guidelines.

Car seats are a one-time-use device; once it has been in an accident it has served its intended purpose and is no longer safe to use. The hidden damage within the seat may keep the it from properly protecting your child.

This summer is a time for fun! Stay safe while you explore the beautiful Black Hills and enjoy the season together.

Did You Know? 

Car Seats have an expiration date.
Car seats have a date printed on them and typically expire after five years. Call the manufacturer for clarification.




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