Cloud News: Look Up!

Look Up!

Who among us, here in South Dakota, has heard of the Cloud Appreciation Society? If you haven’t, then you might want to join. Nana believes that, like her, every dedicated outside-goer probably has a “thing” for clouds—and they’re not alone. The Society has links to resources about clouds, a lovely photo gallery to use to compare the clouds you’re seeing, and even “cloud news.”

For example, from the website, we learned that the World Meterological Organization (WMO) recently released a new reference for identifying types of clouds. Called the International Cloud Atlas, the digital resource contains hundreds of images—including new classifications for clouds that until now were not “named.” Some of the new classifications include both naturally occurring clouds and clouds that result from human activities, such as contrails from planes. Other meteorological phenomena—such as rainbows and halos—are also mentioned.

Check out the sky—and the Cloud Appreciation Society. Members even receive “a cloud a day”.


Main photo by Craig Lindsay