Coloring Pages: Escape Outdoors

What better way to spend a rainy spring day indoors than to bring outdoor scenes to life with color! Artsy activities help kids define motor skills; from holding a paintbrush to coloring with crayons and using scissors, art can help children improve their coordination and dexterity while performing a task they enjoy. 

Adventuring Outdoors

These kids on a log are exploring the vast outdoors crossing a stream in the forest. The scene almost looks like something you might find in the Black Hills somewhere. 

Black Hills Scenes

These intricate scenes offer a taste of some favorite scenes from the Black Hills including the Buffalo RoundupMount Rushmore, and Spearfish Canyon. If you’re looking for a full book of South Dakota specialties, download it here.

Fun at the Beach

Bring the perfect sandcastle to life through this cute beach scene. Make it a family activity by each coloring your own and sharing them when you’re finished.

Happy Helpers

Did you know there are more than 20,000 different species of bees, found on every continent except Antarctica? This cute little scene depicts the happy helpers working in a garden of flowers. 

Mother Earth

As your child colors these fun pages, turn the craft time into an educational opportunity and explain to them how their actions can affect the planet and what they can do to reduce global warming and carbon footprints. 


Who doesn’t love a little morning dew or light rain fall


So colorful and bright, rainbows symbolize hope and happiness! 

South Dakota Stamp

Great to send relatives outside of the state, this stamp coloring page highlights the buffalo and national monuments in Western South Dakota. On the back, help your kids practice their spelling and calligraphy by writing a personalized letter before sending it off to family or friends across the nation.