Did you know that coloring pages improve motor skills, stimulate creativity, and contribute to better handwriting and color awareness/recognition and discernment? From Disney princesses to unicorns, these fun coloring pages will keep your little ones entertained for hours! 

Pretty as a picture, this simple image of Belle from Beauty and the Beast is perfect for any age. 

What do archery, sorcery, and three bears have in common? Merida from Brave could tell you!

This cute scene from Cinderella captures the romantic sweet moment between the favorite Disney princess and her Prince Charming. 

Does your child practice martial arts or kung fu? This crazy, strong Disney princess isn’t afraid to throw some punches with her trusty dragon Mushu

This coloring sheet includes an adorable little unicorn and a princess. Complete with wands, crowns, and a castle. Watch this scene come to life with a little color!

Color in Pocahontas and her little raccoon friend Meeko in this fun design with Grandmother Willow. Put the movie on in the background or simply play the music to sing along. 

Don’t you wish you had hair as long as Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled? What about an adorable little iguana like Pascal!?  

Full of character and life, this image captures the embodiment of each of the seven dwarfs with Snow White

Sofia the First has been a big hit since 2012. The animated series features an ordinary girl who becomes royalty overnight. This cute image shows the young princess curtseying. 

This character has taken on many looks through the years! Choose from modern Strawberry and her puppy pal, Pupcake or the classic Strawberry with her sidekick, Custard

Ariel is a mermaid princess who lives under the sea. Find great coloring pages from the Little Mermaid here. Do you know all the lyrics to Sebastian’s song?