Nurses Corinne Blomme

Corinne Blomme: Nurse of Excellence

Corinne Blomme, RN



In a surgical setting, it’s difficult for guests to give up their control; they have to completely trust our medical staff. I find it’s important to explain things in a comforting way—and after working here for so long, the right words usually come easily! Black Hills Surgical Hospital is a fantastic place to work, with great employees and doctors. Always be humble and kind.

“Corinne has the amazing ability to connect with families, and she is a strong advocate for her patients. She’s also skilled with the beautiful ability to ease patients’ fear of surgery in Pre-Op, and promote an environment of healing post-operatively. It takes a great deal of talent to share her caring nursing ability with two specialty areas!”
Debbie Doolittle, Colleague

“Corinne anticipates the needs of her patients, and will stop at nothing to make sure they are comfortable. She notices the small details that otherwise may be overlooked. Corinne has been with BHSH for 18 years, and in that time has adjusted to many new roles. She takes pride in her work, is open  to ideas, and is willing to teach others. In fact, she teaches CPR to all employees and helped to establish our safety committee.”
Janelle Lothspeich, Manager






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