Girl Reading Book to Class

Danika’s Creation

Kindra Gordon’s children, ages 14, 13, 10 and 8, always have various creative projects in different stages of production in their house. They’re in 4-H, which gives an ultimate completion deadline in August for the County Fair.

A recent favorite project tapped into technology—but for a creative outcome. Kindra’s thirteen-year-old daughter Danika wrote her first online book at the website StoryJumper. The free site allows authors of all ages to enter their text page by page, as well as create illustrations from the clipart gallery or upload images of their own.

Danika’s idea for her story focused on the characteristics that allow each and every one of us to be a “superhero.” Her book “What Makes You A Superhero?” has received wonderful feedback for its positive message—and has earned a Best of Show at the County Fair.

“I hope Danika’s book—and our many other projects—always serve as a reminder to my family and me that creativity counts,” expressed Kindra.


Cover of Book