A Day in the Life: Megan Whitman

A Day in the Life
Megan Whitman

Megan, wife to Bill, mommy to Kent (6 mos.) and Executive Director at Main Street Square, shares a typical day in her life – and a behind-the-scenes peek on an event day at the Square. She has been married to Bill for three years, and together they enjoy gardening, cooking, walking their dogs and spending time with family.

6:45 AM

Wow – it felt great to sleep in. Tonight is my turn to close a Thursday night concert at Main Street Square, so I’m starting my workday a few hours later than usual. Now, where’s the coffee?

7:26 AM

Quiet time in the house has come to an end. I prepare Kent’s bottle one-handed while our Min Pin (Gizmo) and Great Dane (Sadie) dance around my feet pleading to go outside.

7:56 AM

Booger has a full belly and dry butt and spends a little time on his play mat while I get the morning dishes done.

8:32 AM

Receive a work-related call. Then, I dress Kent and set all five (yes, five) bags we’ll need for the day by the door.

9:02 AM

I receive another work related call. Kent rubs his eyes and is ready for his morning cat-nap just in time for me to shower and water flowers.

10:36 AM

Kent awakes. I receive work related call number three as we are about to head out the door.

10:53 AM

We arrive at daycare and I’m two bags down. I kiss him on his forehead, and tell him I love him. See you soon, Booger.

11:16 AM

I arrive at the Square and feel right at home. White canopies fill the grounds and the setup for tonight’s event is close to complete.

1:19 PM

Meet with our marketing manager and discuss our next big signature event. Then sign checks for services at the event tonight.

2:49 PM

I walk through the plaza to see if we are on schedule and put up some signage. The band has arrived and needs access to the green room.

3:36 PM

I hear “check one, two” over the speakers as our sound engineer tests microphones. I load up a cart with face paints, bean bag toss, jump ropes and candy for the Kidz Zone and pull it to the street and set up.

MeganW_Collage4:17 PM

I realize I forgot baby bottles in my bag this morning.

5:26 PM

I take the stage and make the evening’s first announcements. Volunteers for the beverage stations arrive and I train them on their duties.

5:59 PM

Our band takes the stage, and I welcome the crowd as my phone vibrates with a text message from my husband. I open up a picture of my son loaded in his car seat and heading to the show.

6:03 PM

I try to catch my breath from hustling from one side of the Square to the other for a live TV interview. I got there just in time to get mic’d up but not lip gloss–oh well!

6:17 PM

Bill and Kent arrive.
I swoop down, pick my smiling boy up and kiss my husband hello. Now to find some shade, grab a hamburger with my family and enjoy some of the show.

6:50 PM

The first set is done – which means my break is over. I make some announcements and check on the volunteers and vendors.

7:34 PM

I join my family for one more song before Bill takes Kent home.

7:54 PM

I am greeted by a patron stating someone required non-emergency medical attention. I call for security to join me at the location while I dial a medic.

8:07 PM

I wait as the band finishes their set with “Let it Be” and I take in the sea of people enjoying the concert. Some may be falling in love for the first time and others were falling in love all over again. My eyes got a bit misty, so I cleared the lump in my throat and took the stage for announcements.

8:45 PM

Our team meets for event tear-down procedures. We act quickly as storm clouds and lighting are flashing in the distance.

9:46 PM

I feel a raindrop hit my shoulder as we take a final walk through.

10:27 PM

I tiptoe into the house expecting to prepare our five bags and notice my husband beat me to it.

10:31 PM

My mind is still racing from all the action. I pick up a book, pour a glass of wine and take the shoes off my aching feet. Tonight, I’m grateful for a team at work and a team at home. Without them, this entry would be entirely different.


IMG_7542Life in the Margins

What she’s reading: Baby Sign Language Basics. Favorite indulgence: Pedicures. French tips and glitter are a must. Signature meal she’s known for: Crab Stuffed Avocados. Her hidden talent: Canning garden-grown salsa, marinara and soups. Inspirational words to live by: Follow your heart. In most cases, it’s the perfect compass. Her biggest challenge: Finding time to workout after having a baby. In her bag: Cloth diapers, lip gloss, wallet and hand sanitizer. Favorite movies: Comedies. Regardless of the movie, odds are it’s getting quoted in our house.