Eating Healthy On A Budget



Need a few tips for eating healthy on a budget? Try some of these ideas.


  • Buy in bulk. Separate then freeze and/or refrigerate portions for your family.
  • Don’t overeat! Portion sizes in America overall are just too large.
  • Take lunches to work and/or pack lunches for the kids.
  • Make your own salad dressings using olive oil, vinegar and/or nonfat yogurt and your favorite herbs and spices.
  • Replace white pasta noodles with the whole grain or higher protein versions.
  • Cut down on juices, sodas or other forms of processed hydration. Stay with fresh water.
  • Flavor with a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or orange for variation.
  • Eliminate junk and processed foods.
  • Excess sodium and sugar encourage over consumption and they are void of healthy nutrition.
  • Plan your grocery trips out. This will eliminate impulse buying, as will not shopping while you are hungry.
  • Use a filter for water versus buying plastic bottles.