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Editorial Calendar

Appearing In Every Issue:

Extensive Family Calendar, Spotlight Stories on a Local Family,
Volunteers, Grandparents, Ages and Stages, Making an Impact, Youth-driven Success
Stories, Family Wellness and Babies, Fun and Memories, Education, Home, You and Me

Fall (Publishes Aug – Covers through Oct)

The Back to School and Fall Fun Issue:
Everything you need to know to help gear up for a great year – from health checkups to school
success strategies and special education programs.
Also featuring • Family finance • Fall fun • Fitness & kids

Winter (Publishes Nov – Covers through Jan)

The Big Holiday Issue: Holiday planning, events
and entertainment, Family Vehicle Review, toy and gift review.
Also featuring • Youth-driven success stories • Volunteering, charity • Winter family fun

Spring (Publishes Feb. – Covers through Apr)

The Resolutions and New Beginnings Issue:
Everything babies, Summer camp guide, Family health, fitness and nutrition, family and
relationships, home services, kids and the arts.
Also featuring • Youth sports • Celebrate moms • Party planning

Summer (Publishes May – Covers through July)

The Family Summer Fun Issue: Activities,
gear, advice/tips, summer attractions, programs and venues.
Also featuring • Youth activities • Celebrate dads • Summer Fun