A New Journey

A New Journey

It’s likely not too many people read this or any other editor’s letter, but it’s my job. As the Editor in Chief, I am obliged to write an essay for each issue about anything I see fit.

Over this past year, I’ve touched on such topics as: how fast time flies, indescribable feelings, and why you do what you do. These articles are not easy for me to write and being the perfectionist that I am, it’s always the last thing to get done before the issue is complete. I want the letter to encompass a theme that is running throughout the issue, and I often feel my next letter, for whatever reason, is the one that will get a response and someone will actually comment to me that they’d read my letter. It hasn’t happened yet (besides, of course, my mom.)

But, who knows, maybe this will be the one!

Especially now, as I embark on a new journey.

In my first Editor’s note, I wrote about how change is all around us, followed by how life is made of meaningful moments – fun ones, anxious ones and some even shocking; but through all of the moments, I try to embrace an attitude of gratitude.

In the next issue I wrote about all of us possessing super hero qualities, how life’s journey takes courage, sacrifice, perseverance, determination, conviction, compassion and dedication – ALL of which I have had to call upon in the last five months as I prepare to take a turn in my career. A right turn into something I knew nothing about before now.

The column I entitled Oh Happy Day celebrated the birth of our granddaughter. My new adventure is like that of giving birth to a first child: it’s taken time and preparation, and I sometimes feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m figuring it out – and that’s ok. Getting Set for School was an appropriate essay for me, as I’ve been making adjustments for my new career in retail – a time of incredible learning.

Last winter I wrote For the Love of Dogs. It was my tribute to my faithful furry friend, Nellie. Even more faithful than Nellie has been my husband, Rick. We celebrated 30 years of marriage this year and because of his belief in me, I am on a new journey. Rick has seen something light up in me when I’m around babies. So, when you can combine something you love with your career, you take the leap of faith and do it. (That’s me below – standing in front of our new shop location at 329 Main Street – on the corner of Main and 4th.) 


When our new baby boutique, Kicks & Giggles, opens in November, come let me know how much you’ve enjoyed reading my column each issue. I’ll have a special gift waiting for you.

Until we meet at the boutique,

Lisa DenHerder

BHParent Editor in Chief