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Effects of Compliments

Make a big difference

4 proud moms on the lasting effects of compliments

Make it a practice to compliment a child and the adults whenever you see a mannerly family in a restaurant. What a reward to see the pride on the face of a child caught doing something good. The effects are lasting. Just take it from these moms:


Having received such a compliment, it’s a proud moment for us as parents. It’s a great feeling to know that we’re actually doing something right when our children behave. Thank you to those who pay the compliments! Proud Mom


I love this! It is such a teaching moment for us as parents about how people DO notice how we act! When they do start to act out we can remind them about that nice person who noticed when they were good 🙂 Mom of Five


When someone takes the time to stop and say something—that is an awesome feeling. My daughter was smiling all the way home, she was so proud.
She called her grandparents and also told her teacher. Feeling Blessed


It’s stressful to eat out with 4 boys…dining at restaurants can be tricky. We do get a lot of compliments and it sure is refreshing. Just yesterday while dining I felt like the boys were bothering others and were not on their best behavior. When we finished a gentleman came over to let us know how well behaved our kids were and how nice it was see. Here I was not comfortable with their behavior yet it was still polite.
I guess I need to relax a bit.
Mom of Four Boys