nurses 2017

Exceptional Nurses in the Black Hills

A nurse, by definition, is someone who is trained to care for sick or injured people (Merriam-Webster). But they are so much more than the people who work long hours and heal us up. Nurses see us when we are in need of help and they are the ones who are there with open arms.

Some nurses that we cross paths with are amazing. They go above and beyond their call of duty and provide medical attention that is phenomenally comforting in our pain and distress. That’s why Black Hills Family wants to honor those amazing professionals with its 2nd Annual Nurses of Excellence Awards.


Deadline: March 22, 2017

We are looking for nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty—whether it be a nurse from a hospital, private practice, or school; a nurse who specializes in women’s health, hospice, pediatrics, research or education. Winners will be announced in the Summer 2017 issue of Black Hills Family and honored at an awards presentation and reception (Dates TBD). Nominate a nurse, and help us honor those nurses in the Black Hills area who exemplify the profession’s best standards of practice.