Fall Boy Leaves

Fall Favorites

Fall means cooler temperatures, changing and falling leaves, and many fun activities to enjoy – together. It’s a perfect time to start some new traditions your family will look forward to each year. Here are some ideas to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Pumpkins are a symbol of fall, and you can easily incorporate them into your family’s fall traditions. Take the kids to a pumpkin patch and pick the perfect one as a family. While you carve it, try different pumpkin recipes like pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, or roasted pumpkin seeds. Have each family member choose a small pumpkin or gourd and paint silly faces on them for another fun idea.



As the nights get cooler, find time to sit around the campfire as a family, either in the backyard or at a local park. Start a fun tradition as you roast hot dogs, make S’mores, and tell ghost stories.


Gathering Apples

As fall approaches, the apples are everywhere! Stop by the Farmer’s Market, pick up some apple cider, and try some cider donuts. Back at home, try making homemade applesauce, apple pies, or apple pancakes. Don’t forget to add some fresh picked apples to the lunch boxes.


Something Spooky

For the older kids, try braving a haunted house together. Nothing says family bonding more than exploring a haunted house and experiencing thrills around every corner. Not ready for something so scary? Let the kids test their navigation skills as you work your way through a corn maze.



Many families enjoy sports and football is a favorite fall pastime. Attend a high school, college, or professional game as a family. Try tailgating before the game and have fun cheering on your team together. Can’t make it to the game? It’s just as fun to root for your team from the comfort of your own living room! Prepare some delicious snacks and watch the game together.



Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs and trees. Use the opportunity to teach your kids about gardening. Let them help pick out items and plant them in your yard. If you plant a tree, start a tradition of taking a family photo in front of it each year. Over time it will be fun to compare the tree’s growth, as well as your family.



As the leaves begin to change, take a scenic drive. Stop and get ice cream along the way or take a pit stop at a local playground to break up the windshield time. You may also have a lot of leaves in your yard to clean up. Have the kids help rake them into a big pile and jump in. Don’t forget to snap some photos that are certain to be in the running for the family Christmas card.


Comfort Food

Everyone enjoys comfort food. Get the kids involved in cooking so they can learn to make your family’s favorite foods. It’s also a good time to come up with some new recipes to enjoy in the years to come. While you are cooking, talk to them about the importance of family traditions.


Family traditions are easy to start and worthwhile to continue. As your children grow, they may not remember everything you hope they will, but the traditions that you return to, year after year, will create lasting memories that they will treasure for a lifetime.


By Sarah Lyons
Sarah Lyons is a wife and mother of six children, including triplets. She enjoys taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard each year.