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Falling for Food

Falling for Food

12-year-old Colton Seamands has found a love of cooking and encourages others to find their passions, too.

After discovering his interest for cooking at seven years old, Colton Seamands, the youngest of five siblings, could be found in the kitchen with his mom, Mary Beth. By age eight, Colton had made his very first dish by himself—using an apple pie recipe passed down Mary Beth’s family since the 1930s.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” reminisces Mary Beth. “And, honestly, I think it tasted better
than my apple pie!”

Now, as a sixth grader at Spearfish Middle School, Colton has made everything from desserts to main dishes—his favorites being fresh game. Whether it is pheasant, grouse, deer, or fish, Colton enjoys working with the meat he has caught on his trips with his dad, Corey.

Having his mom to show him the ropes in the kitchen, Colton has found a creative outlet he can make his own. “It’s either HGTV or the Food Network on in our house—when I have the remote, at least,” Mary Beth chuckles.

During their favorite show, “Chopped,” Mary Beth and Colton will pause after the basket of ingredients is revealed. “Colton and I will test ourselves,” she says. “We think for a minute and ask, ‘Okay! What would you make?’”

Although he hasn’t created his own recipes yet, Colton enjoys putting his own special twist on existing ones. For instance, his family-favorite sausage “stoup”—not necessarily a soup, but not a stew, either—is a mixture of sausage, herbs, spinach, and rice.

“I like the new experiences that cooking gives you,” said Colton. “I like new dishes that I can try to make or replicate.”

Colton first found his love of cooking through a television screen, but he has since taken that interest to another level. He helps with dinners, cooks for friends and family, and enjoys every bit of it.

“Help your kids find their passion,” Colton advises parents.

And Mary Beth agrees. “We’re here to guide, to support, to be cheerleaders, and give direction to our kids. Theirs might not be a path we would have chosen for ourselves, but the opportunity to explore is huge!”


While scrolling the Internet, Mary Beth found a post announcing an opening on a junior version of their favorite show, “Chopped.” “So, I asked Colton if he was interested in trying out—or at least applying—and he said ‘Sure! Why not!’”

At first, Colton was a little nervous, which is to be expected when applying for a position on a major networking channel. The thought of competition and the skills he would need to have to make it to the next level were just the beginning. After multiple interviews and demonstrations, Colton was notified that the four spots had been filled. But he hasn’t lost hope. “It just gives me time to get ready for it again in the future,” he says.

Written by Jenna Carda

Featured image by Chris Valencia