Family Tree Games and Activities to Inspire Your Family

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Building a family tree is a fun way to get to know yourself and your history better, while also developing a stronger bond with your family members. And as an added bonus: it’s fun to assemble! 

Starting the long process of familiar research might seem daunting, but once you take the leap and begin you’ll find that you’ve opened up a world of adventure, excitement and knowledge.  

Getting Started with Research

There are many resources available for family history research, including paid and unpaid versions. Some popular versions include, FamilySearch and Chronicling America. You can also visit the library or the National Archives, or talk with members of your family about memories from their own childhoods. 

Once you compile the research, it’s time to get started on making the tree. It can be fun to draw your own, or you can also use editable, printable PDFs like this one

Family Tree Activities 

With the research compiled, there are also many fun activities you can do to help get to know your family better and have fun! 

Make Fact Cards

Fact cards can help you get to know each member of your family more personally, giving you space to list fun facts about them and even draw their portrait! These fun fact sheets help bring your family tree to life and make each name on the branches stand out to you. 

Compare Memories 

It’s fun to look back and compare special moments and memories with our loved ones. This special mom and kid questionnaire lets parents and children look back and remember the past while also looking forward to the future. 

Keep In Touch With Family

Compiling your family tree can give you a heightened sense of appreciation for your ancestors. Once you’ve finished your research, you can focus on sharing the love with your family by sending them a personalized card or small gift. Even a phone call or video chat works! 

There is no real guidebook for creating your own family three — the most important thing to do is have fun and get creative. Once you’re finished with the project, you can hang your family tree on your refrigerator or a wall in your home, reminding you to treasure your family and hold them close.