First Aid to the Rescue – Basics

Children as young as two years old have been known to come to the rescue with actions as simple as dialing 911, proving that with a little instruction, children can play a vital role in saving a life.  Things happen and you can prepare your kids to be ready with a few actions they can do in the case of an emergency. Take time to review this list and answer any questions they may have. It could save your life!

Review the situation. Calling 911 should be your child’s first response to an emergency situation, but knowing details can assist the dispatcher in sending the right kind of help. Tell your child to check for things such as cuts and wounds, if the person is breathing or has something stuck in their mouth, and if the person in need is conscious – asking them what is wrong or what hurts.

Call 911. As soon as they are able to understand the phone, educate them on dialing 911, stress the importance of not dialing it as a joke. The dispatcher will need the address and will need them to stay on the line long enough to dispatch help. Keep important information the dispatcher may need, like your address and key health issues, near the phone for your child to reference when answering questions.

First aid kit. Assemble a first aid kit and store it in a location that is easily accessible for your child. Review the items included and teach their uses so your children can identify and use them when needed.

Stop, drop and roll. Household fires can happen without warning. Inform your child on how to evacuate should a fire occur, and cover the stop, drop and roll concept with them.

What ifs. It’s hard to predict what emergencies your child could face. Discuss different scenarios with them in “what if” situations, and talk through their responses.