Five Money Personalities

Which One Are You?

At some point in your life, there will be an argument about money. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for 20 years or you are getting ready to send your child to college, money touches many decisions you make in a family dynamic.

Authors Scott and Bethany Palmer have found the key to understanding each other’s money language which they share in their book The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language. Here, the couple explains that each person has two of the five money personalities (a Primary and a Secondary). There is no right and wrong type, but there are strengths and weaknesses to each.


Spenders live in the moment and get a thrill from purchasing items on a whim. Although they can be the reason bank accounts dwindle, they have caring hearts and love to be generous with gifts and charitable donations.


Rarely impulsive, Savers truly enjoy saving their money and avoid debt like it’s head lice. They may be joy stealers occasionally but Savers are organized and trustworthy– especially when it comes to thinking about the future.


This money personality doesn’t mind what they payout of their action is, they are just excited about the risk involved. Risk-Takers are often conceptual thinkers that may be blinded by possibility, but they are not afraid of making decisions and are always on a forward-thinking frame of mind.


Security-Seekers will never invest in something they are not sure of. This money type loves low-risk, quality purchases and is willing to sacrifice something today if it will benefit tomorrow. Although they are usually stuck in creative thinking, they are trustworthy and prepared for anything that comes their way.


Although they understand the importance of money, Flyers really don’t think about it at all. They are content with life and invest more into relationships than retirement. Flyers are probably not the best ones to ask financial advice from, but they are more than happy to have some else take care of their money for them.

It’s important to understand all five of the money personalities and to see the positive side of each type. Talk through your differences and simply listen to gain insight on where the other person is coming from.


By Jenna Carda