Swim Girl

For the Love of the Game

When it comes to sports, athletes depend on a coach – someone to look up to and guide them along the way. That’s why volunteers like Alden Pendleton make a difference. “Without obligation, Alden generously gives his time and talents to the Special Olympics swimming team by training the young athletes to compete at the regional and state levels,” said Ryan Ryder, an athlete’s father. “Without his dedication, [they] would never be able to enjoy the competition and compete at the levels they do.”


Whether volunteer means financial, one-time, or full-time, you can make a difference, too.

“There’s always a need for one-on-one direction [during practices and at events],” said Monica Burgess, head of the Rapid City Flame, an organization in the Black Hills that gives athletes the opportunity to compete in events like tournaments for softball and bowling this fall. Find out how you can help at www.rcflame.org.