A Pumpkin Person that you can make at home

Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

Looking for some fun fall decorations? Or maybe you need an activity for your little trick or treaters after a night of Halloween festivities? Give these pumpkin people a try.

As the trees take on their fall colors and the days get shorter, we start to know that Halloween will soon be here. As we plan for Halloween costumes and halloween parties, are you looking for a craft idea for the little ghosts and goblins in your life? 

Let the Halloween spirit sweep you away with this super cute pumpkin craft for kids. 

Pumpkin People


  • Printed templates (below)
  • Black or yellow construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils

Print This Template

Click here and print this template. The big pumpkin is going to be the body and the four little ones will be the hands and feet. 

A Pumpkin By Any Other Color

Alright, little jack o lanterns, work your magic. Grab those orange crayons and get to work. Make those pumpkins pretty. 

Feel free to get creative — not all pumpkins are orange. Did you know that the first jack o ‘lanterns were actually carved out of turnips? Crazy!

Let your imagination run wild. A green pumpkin with an orange stem? Yeah! A polk-a-dot pumpkin? Yes!

Cut Those Pumpkins Out   

This is a great chance for big kids to work on those scissor skills. If your pumpkin artist is a little younger, though, a grown up can cut the pumpkins out. 

Smile! It’s Time To Give Your Pumpkin Person A Face!

You can either grab a black crayon and draw a face on the pumpkin or you could cut out a mouth and a couple of eyes from black or yellow construction paper.

Let your creativity shine! Maybe your pumpkin person has a happy face. Maybe your pumpkin is sad or mad or scary — you get to decide!

Going Out On a Limb

Next, we’re going to need four strips of green construction paper. These are going to be your pumpkin person’s limbs. Grown ups or big kids can cut these to the right size and shape. Then, fold your pumpkin person’s arms and legs accordion style. 

Putting it All Together

Little kids might need help with this next step. Glue or tape your pumpkin person’s face, limbs and hands and feet together. 

Display your Pumpkin Proudly!

You did a great job. Those pumpkin people look fantastic! The Great Pumpkin would be proud.