BHP Cover Family
The Ketterling family loves living in the Rapid City area, having fun, and spending time together. We caught up with them during their Rapid City photo shoot.

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Q. How did you meet?

A. We met in Rapid City at a friends surprise birthday party in October of 1997. God played a role in us meeting since I was in Spearfish and had plans to come to Rapid on a Friday night. A big storm postponed those plans and we had to wait until the following night to go. If not for that storm, Jason and I would not have met! And now we have been married for 13 years.


Q. How long have you lived in Rapid City?

A. Jason moved here 25 years ago with his family–after a job promotion for his Dad. I moved here to be close to Jason and his family–that was 16 years ago.

Q. Why The Black Hills?

A. We love the Hills–Rapid City is small enough to where you know everyone, yet big enough to offer a variety of concerts, stores, and restaurants. Jason is an outdoorsman so the hunting and fishing opportunities are perfect. Plus, our church, Fountain Springs continues to be a major factor in making Rapid City our home.

2014-Parent-Cover1Q. What does your family do for fun?

A. Our family loves the drive-in theater, going to Armadillos for the flavor of the day, running, biking, geocaching, fishing, and taking Emmy [a golden retriever] to the dog parks. Plus, Logan is in baseball, has done the YMCA basketball camp, and has competed in two 5k’s. Macy attends dance, girl scouts, and takes piano lessons.


Q. Does your family use routines?

A. Our family needs routines to function at its best, but I have also learned I need to be flexible when routines don’t always go like I want them to. Routines help our children become more independent so they can contribute to the family and be responsible for themselves.


Q. What’s your best advice for working parents?

A. We are often our own worst critics, yet whenever I feel overwhelmed I look at my kids and they don’t seem overwhelmed! They always seem happy and content. For all the working parents. I would say: don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can and your kids know that. As long as my kids love God, are healthy and happy, I am content to let myself [and Jason] off the hook every once in a while.

Get To Know The Cover Family: Melanie, Jason, Logan age 9, Macy age 6, Emmy age 1
Jason is a lieutenant with the highway patrol, Melanie is a 4/5 multiage teacher at Rapid Valley Elementary.