Gloria Hauan

Gloria Hauan, RN

Pain Clinic at Black Hills Imaging Center

Gloria went into the field of nursing right out of high school and has been enjoying it ever since. “I like helping people,” said Gloria. “As a nurse, you have the opportunity to help people in difficult situations.”

Co-workers and supervisors will tell you Gloria is a hard worker maintaining compassion and kindness to her patients. She goes above and beyond staying later, coming in early and sacrificing her days off to make sure things flow smoothly around the facility. When a patient is facing difficulties, Gloria is there to help.

When a patient wouldn’t eat anything before her blood transfusion, Gloria was puzzled. The patient had to get something in her stomach before proceeding. So, during her break, Gloria ran home and brought her patient two slices of homemade chocolate cake she had made the night before. “She didn’t hesitate to eat every bit of that cake,” said Gloria smiling.

After 42 years of nursing, Gloria has acquired excellent skills and experience in her field – gaining many memories of those she has helped along the way.


Proud sponsors of the 2016 Nurses of Excellence Award

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Written by Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy