Hali Olson

Hali Olson, RN

General Medicine at Black Hills Urgent Care

Growing up in Spearfish, Hali Olson is working in a field she loves at Black Hills Urgent Care in Rapid City. “I’ve always been interested in the medical field,” said Hali. “Nursing is always changing, allowing me to constantly learn new things.”

Hali has worked at the Urgent Care for two years and is already making strides in her roles. Though her job description holds many tasks that Hali has to cover, she makes a conscious effort to put her patients first.

“She demonstrates the whole package and care that patients deserve,” said supervisor and co-worker Danielle Shafer.

Putting a smile on her patients’ faces is something Hali shoots for every day. Though she has many administrative duties and is busy training new nurses, she still finds time to care for each patient she comes in contact with and tries to make their day a little better.

A few years ago, Hali cared for an elderly woman who was confused and tearful. Nothing the team of nurses would do seemed to help, so Hali took action. “It was breaking my heart to see her so upset,” said Hali. “So, I walked across the street on my lunch break and bought a bottle of nail polish.”

With a low number of patients that day, Hali sat down with the patient and spent time with her. For the rest of her shift, the patient’s smile filled the room and her day was a little brighter. “It’s situations like this that make me love what I do,” said Hali.

Even though nursing is a tiring position filled with a constant pace of things to do, Hali is finding little ways to make a difference in her patients’ lives.


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Written by Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy